simply after I notion, “the views can’t get any better than this,” (after seeing the lawn studio) I needed to suppose once more! My goodness! The perspectives from “P12” had been beautiful! despite the fact that the services inside the tent have been scaled-down compared to the garden studio, we had a view of Salt Pond, drunk Bay and Ram Head!

Key to unlocking eco-geek. “P12”Breathtaking views from “P12”-Eco Tent View from our balcony.  “P12”-Eco Tent Ever desired to be that sexy eco-geek that all of your circle of relatives and pals ran to for all matters ? well, perhaps now not, however after this journey, i am that female; and you could be that individual, too. LOL! That’s right. let your internal-eco geek flow! let’s talk water in reality fast. because St. John is a dry, tropical island, Concordia mostly relies upon on mother Nature to provide water for visitors who reside in their tents. Water is a hot commodity at the island. As a result, Concordia  collects water from its rooftops at some point of the rainy season (might also, August, September, October and November) and shops it in cisterns to be used by guests inside the bathe and inside the bathe and small kitchen place (more approximately these features below). when there may be a shortage, regrettably, the motel has to purchase water from the desalinization plant in neighboring Cruz Bay.

Cistern located beneath tent. Are you continue to with me? To prevent having to buy water, Concordia has installed water conservation features. as an example, the sink within the small kitchen region calls for you to show the
to show the water every time you need to use it – form of like how sinks function in airports and comparable facilities that service plenty of human beings. similarly, a composting toilet is used and requires minimal quantities of water to perform. A simple push down at the lever together with your foot for a couple of seconds is all it takes to flush the bathroom. Composting lavatory internal eco-tent.  Even a view from the toilet!

The the bathroom. Composting lavatory internal eco-tent. Even a view from the toilet! The bathe operates similar to eco friendly, the toilet and kitchen. but with the bathe, the solar is added to the equation, as the tent’s bathe is sun-operated. if you appearance up in the shower, you’ll notice a black drum. Water from the cistern is pumped to fill the drum half of way by pulling a string and lever (or valve) prior to leaving for the day (this is, if we wanted warm water for the bathe at night time). at some point of the day, the water is heated with the aid of the Solar’s rays.

The used miles used to nourish flowers. wonderful right? not anything is going to waste… longer even because it relates to area inside the eco-tents. Drum that warms water for the bathe. you have the entirety necessary on this little area, which even boasts a loft place (wherein we decided to retire every evening). It’s brilliant how cool the temperature changed into, even on this The tents, like the studios, take gain of the change winds.

o.k., you’ve been semi eco-geeked. Did you research anything new? in case you’ve visited, did I forget about anything? go ahead, don’t be bashful, please proportion. Stairs to the loft area. Loft region in which extra beds have been View of the kitchen space.