Timothy is the first neighborhood fashion designer that I am showcasing in this blog! Bio: Timothy got here to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from up-country the big apple to paintings as the Pfister resort’s Artist in house. (View their Artist in residence program here: He began running in the Pfister’s studio space in April 2012 and will be there all through the stop of this
a short clip about his in-house residency…Graduating from Syracuse college with a prime in fiber arts and material studies, he believes that fiber is the muse of the entirety. design: Timothy enjoys making particular creations on his loom.

I didn’t understand people nonetheless used looms! He is also known reusing recycled fabric and materials, in addition to determined items; which is how he became an designer. determined items would determined items would consist of the usage of eco friendly clothing, silver pen caps as studs or turning umbrellas right into a get dressed – both of which Timothy has finished. He used umbrellas from The Pfister to create this dress. pretty amazing! My mind…

I have continually had an hobby create a dress from umbrellas, studded garments from pen tops, bright designs from punched-out aluminum foil cans, and a whole robe from cassette tape! he is a massive proposal in my eyes and Milwaukee has been lucky to have him for the past 12 months.